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Wire Single End Seals Loading and Connector Crimping Machine Wire Single End Seals Loading and Connector Crimping Machine

This is a fully automatic wire cutting, stripping, single end water seals loading and terminal crimping machine.

  • WL-DF01
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  • Description
  • Technical Data
  • Wire cutting, single end stripping, two ends stripping, single end wire rubber seals inserting and wire connectors crimping

  • Compact design, excellent concept, space saving

  • Easy to use KINCO touch screen

  • Quickly change procedures and materials

  • Efficient stepper drive, high precision, fast speed

  • Easy maintenance

  • Cost-effective

  • Full digital debugging

Model WL-DF01
Power supply AC220V/50/60HZ (110V/60Hz optional)
Capacity 3000 pieces/hour(Length within 100mm)
Wire size AWG#28-AWG#16
Cutting length 50-9999 mm
Cutting tolerance Range of change: within 1mm + cut length x 0.2%
Stripping length 1.5-10 mm
Crimping force 2.0/3.0 Ton
Air pressure 4-6kgf (use clean dry air)
Testing device

Whether lack of wire, whether lack of terminal crimping, wire rubber seals detect, low pressure detect

Dimension 700Wx800Lx1500H mm
Net weight About 348 KG

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