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Ribbon Cable Single End Crimping and Housing Inserting Machine Ribbon Cable Single End Crimping and Housing Inserting Machine

This is a fully automatic cable single end crimping and housing connector plugging-in machine. It can process parallel twin cables, multiple electronic wires, and flat cables.

  • WL-03CJH
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○ Applicable wires: parallel cables, multiple electronic wires, and flat cables

○ Processing length: 20mm-600mm

○ Applicable terminals and housing connectors: GH1.25, ZH1.5, PH, XH, VH, SM and other chain terminals and housing connectors.

○ Main function: wire fixed length cutting, wire splitting, stripping, terminal crimping and housing connector inserting.

○ Three modes available: electronic cable, flat cable, and super short cable. The three modes can be switched by one key on the HMI touch screen, and the humanized operation is convenient and quick.

Model WL-03CJH
Input power AC220V 50HZ
Input air pressure 0.6-0.8Mpa
Machine power 2KW, 10A
Functions of this machine wire cutting, stripping, twisting, tinning, terminal crimping, housing connector inserting.
Housing inserting speed 6,000-,8000 pcs/hour (depending on wire length)
Processing length 20mm-600mm
Applicable wire AWG18#-AWG34#. Various flat cables, electronic cables, and parallel cables
Stripping length 1.0-5.0mm at the tin end, 1.0-5.0mm at the crimping end
Cutting accuracy -0.1mm~+0.1mm
Glue box separation 1.0, 1.25, 1.5, 2.0, 2.54mm
Crimping mold Taiwan Fengchen
Motor brand Delta 
Solenoid valve brand AirTac
Screw guide rail Silver, TPI    
Space occupation 5m²
Weight 900KG
Dimensions 1,600*1,500*2,000mm



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