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  • Hose Crimping Equipment, Hose Fittings Crimping Machine WL-GJT001

    The hose crimping machine enables any user to make factory-quality hose assemblies quickly, easily and cost-effectively. It is simple to operate and it is built to provide years of dependable service.

    2021 01-11
  • Stainless Steel Strips Cutting Machine, Metal Strips Cutting Machine

    A versatile and reliable machine for cutting to length of heat shrink
    tubes, fiberglass tubes, teflon tubes, silicone tubes, yellow wax tubes,
    PVC tubes, PE tubes, plastic tubes, rubber hoses, wire ropes and
    non-adhesive strip materials like belt loop, string, plastic zipper,
    elastic band, small

    2020 12-29
  • Shrink Tubing Processing Machine, Shrink Tubing Oven

    This shrink tubing oven is suitable for heating heat-shrinkable tube of
    wire harness processing enterprise. Working time and heating zone width
    can be adjusted according to production requirements. This infrared
    heating machine can work continuously for 24 hours without interruption.Model:

    2020 12-28
  • Ultrasonic Gloves Making Machine WL-B300

    This is a fully automatic computer controlled cloth gloves one molding machine. It is convenient, efficient, and high precision.Model:

    2020 12-28
  • Cable Single Head Crimping Machine With Crimp Force Monitor

    This fully automatic single head terminal crimping machine is able to
    process wire cutting, double-end stripping, crimping on one end, and
    twisting wire on one end. It can crimp various terminals to single wire,
    two wires, thin wires, thick wires and parallel wires.Model:

    2020 12-25
  • DC Connector Crimping Machine

    The automatic DC connector crimping machine is designed for soldering DC/RCA/TV
    connectors. It adopts a vibration plate to feed connectors
    automatically. The worker only needs to place the cable head into
    certain working area, then the machine will automatically finish wire
    clamping, stripping,

    2020 12-23
  • Fully-auto Cable Cutting, Stripping, Twisting and Tinning Machine

    This cable cutting stripping twisting and tinning machine is suitable
    for process single wire cutting, single end stripping, twisting and
    tinning, double ends stripping, twisting and tinning. Wire range:
    AWG#14-AWG#34 (other size can be customized).Model: WL-SZ01

    2020 12-23
  • Pneumatic Thick Cable Insulation Peeling Machine with Rotary Blade

    This rotary knife pneumatic peeling machine is mainly used for stripping
    large cables. It is a special equipment for processing of new energy DC
    cables. The maximum stripping diameter is 50mm.

    2020 12-08
  • Convoluted Tubing Cutting Machine, Flex Tubing Cutting Machine

    This precise corrugated tube cutting and splitting machine specializes
    in cutting and splitting corrugated tubes, rubber tubes and other tubes,
    which is efficient and stable.

    2020 12-04
  • Hole Punching Machine for Webbing, Machine to Punch Hole on Webbing

    This ultrasonic webbing cutting and punching machine is used for
    processing webbing, ribbons, nylon materials, threaded belt, strip belt,
    safety belt, woven belt, backpack belt, shoelace, elastic band, nylon
    ribbon, zipper, etc. in different shapes.Model: WL-130

    2020 12-03
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