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Peumatic Cable Outer Jacket & Inner Core Stripping Machine Peumatic Cable Outer Jacket & Inner Core Stripping Machine

This peumatic cable stripping machine is capable of peeling outer jacket and inner core insulation of multi-conductor round cables.

  • WL-416
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  • Oblique back design, conform to the ergonomics

  • Double moving cylinder, free of spring breakage

  • The two cylinders of oil and gas self supply provide regular oil supply to cylinder, reduce internal wear and prolong service life

  • Unique slide seat, stable reciprocating stroke, accurate cutting and stripping

  • Pneumatic control, light and agile, easy to operate

  • Suitable for processing of large and small cables, as well as long and short wires, such as AC/DC cable, power cord, sheathed cable, computer wire, electronic wire, multi-core cable, flat cable, etc.

Model WL-416
Power supply AC220V / 50HZ / 60HZ
Air pressure 3-7kgcm2
Stripping length 0.1-150mm
Wire diameter Max. 30mm
Weight 50kg
Dimension 615* 425 * 375mm

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