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Automatic Wire Waterproof Sealing Crimping Machine Automatic Wire Waterproof Sealing Crimping Machine

This fully automatic waterproof sealing terminal crimping machine can process wire cutting, peeling at both ends, and wear waterproof plug and crimp terminal at single end.

  • WL-FSD01
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  • Crimp terminal at one end and wear waterproof plug at the same time;

  • Both OTP horizontal and straight card models can be used and can be quickly exchanged;

  • Cut and strip both ends of the wire, and crimp terminal at one end;

  • Easy to use CNC touch screen helps you reset wire cutting length, stripping length, rubberized depth and other parameters easily.

Model             WL-FSD01           
Dimensions             800L*800W*1862Hmm            
Maximum capacity         3,000 strip/h (length =150mm)   
Applicable wires AWG1007 18#-28# (applicable part awg1007#32)            
Cutting length 65mm-300mm (more than 800mm need to assemble conveyor belt)            
Cuttig precision Adjustment range 0.5mm+ Cutting length less than x0.5%    
Peeling length             r<10mml<14mm (need to be customized for extra long skinning)           
Pressure ability             Standard 2ton             
Power             1.0KW            
Power supply            ac220v 50HZ Single Phase            
Compressed air             0.5-0.55mpa (5KGF/CM)            
Weight             350kg           
Control mode             Micro control, 165na/mips mode, 5US standby wake-up, high speed operation            
Optional accessories            

1. Cassette mould and blade                

2. Vertical wire feeder            

3. Axial discharge device                

4. Conveyor belt                

5. Pressure Transducer System                



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