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Copper Tape Splicing Machine for Wire Harness Copper Tape Splicing Machine for Wire Harness

The wire splicing machine provides an advanced method for producing low-cost, high-reliability connections. Feeding, cutting, forming and splicing at one time eliminate the need for expensive pre-formed crimps. This method provides the lowest applied cost available on the market. It adopts an inverter motor that assures noise-free working environment.

  • WL-4T
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  • Technical Data
  • This machine is mainly used for splicing wires with copper strip, which replaces the traditional welding method

  • Using special continuous copper strip terminal, cutting and splicing can be done at once.

  • The copper belt is treated by special grain, and the endurance is very strong after riveting.

  • Scope of application: the connection between the xenon lamp and the resistor, the connection between the slide switch and the wire, the connection between the high temperature heating elements, and the connection between the thermosensitive elements.

Motor Power1.5KW 
Energy Consumption 12H/0.5
Crimping Force4T
Applicable Copper Belt1-12MM      
Operation ModePedal Switch / Single Action    
Copper Belt Feeding ModeStepper motor plus drive wheel 
Maximum pulling force500N  


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