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Reel Stand Machine to Feed New Energy Cables Reel Stand Machine to Feed New Energy Cables

This machine is suitable for automatic pay-off of cables such as new energy vehicle cables below 70 square mm.

  • WL-FX800
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○ Application: automatic pay-off of large cables such as new energy vehicle cables, charging pile cables, power cables, photovoltaic cables, and BV cables.
○ Pay-off method: shaftless power pay-off, frequency converter automatically controls the pay-off speed, automatic wire feeding, automatic shutdown.
○ Pay-off tension: vertical pulley tension structure, add or subtract counterweight to adjust the pay-off tension.

Model WL-FX800
Suitable wire diameter φ3-20
Applicable spool outer diameter φ500-800mm, width 300-600mm
Maximum load 1T
Maximum pay-off speed 250m/min
Host power 4kw
Total weight about 550kgf
Power supply three-phase four-wire system AC380V, 50/60Hz

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