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Wire Coils Stretch Film Wrapping Machine Wire Coils Stretch Film Wrapping Machine

This machine is suitable for wrapping hose coils, tires, cable coils, steel coils, etc. with stretch film.

  • WL-XCBZ01
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○ One-key operation, simple and efficient, support customization

○ Fast packaging, flat and beautiful wrapping effect    

○ Different packaging materials can also be changed as needed

Model WL-XCBZ01
Processing capacity approx. 120 cycles/hour
Processing specifications

inner diameter:120mm (minimum)
outer diameter:400mm (maximum)

Film specification (conventional) inner diameter 26mm* outer diameter 65mm* width 63mm
Control mode full digital control
Power supply single-phase/three-phase AC220V
Power 1.2KW (maximum)
Operating temperature range 5℃~40℃ Ambient temperature
Working humidity range 30%~80%RH without condensation
Warranty period 2000 hours or 1 year (excluding consumable parts)
Dimensions length 600mm × width 700mm × height 1070mm
Weight about 100kg
Note Processing capacity varies depending on coil size/film specification.

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