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Semi-automatic Spot Taping Machine Semi-automatic Spot Taping Machine

This semi-automatic multi-point tape wrapping machine is suitable for wrapping insulating tape around a single rigid pipe or rigid wire.

  • WL-BD305
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○ Applicable materials: single rigid pipe or rigid wire.

○ Different wire diameters and taping turns can be adjusted digitally as required.

○ After manually placing the pipe/wire, the machine automatically clamps, and automatically cuts off the tape after wrapping.

○ The operation is simple and convenient, which can significantly reduce the labor intensity of workers.

Model WL-BD305
Working environment 0~40℃(ambient temperature)
Applicable air pressure 0.4 MPa - 0.6 MPa
Power supply two-phase, AC220V, 50HZ
Power 400W
Working efficiency 6s
Tape material PVC, cloth tape, acetate cloth tape, etc.
Winding position accuracy within ±2
Winding overlap within ±1.5
The length of the workpiece ≥120mm
The diameter of the workpiece 6mm-28mm
Tape width range ≤40mm
The outer diameter of the tape ≤105mm
Distance from the end position ≥30mm
Dimensions 600mm x 650mm x 560mm (LxWxH)
Weight 70 KG

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