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Cable Termination with Ultrasonic Metal Welding Machine Cable Termination with Ultrasonic Metal Welding Machine

The ultrasonic spot welding machine is capable of welding conductive metals such as aluminum, copper, silver, chromium, and nickel. It is widely used in spot welding, strip welding and line welding of automotive electrical appliances, electronic motors, electrical lead terminals, wire harnesses, end pieces, pole lugs, etc. The welding thickness can reach 2-4 mm.

  • WL-DX2040
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○ Time and power can be set to ensure stable welding quality.

○ The full amplitude range is adjustable from 0-100% and provides constant power.

○ Protection: over temperature protection, overcurrent protection, overload protection.

○ Real-time automatic frequency adjustment with memory.

○ Self-diagnosis and display, sound alarm, logic electrical signal output (used to control other automation equipment).

○ Directly display fault location information for easy troubleshooting.

○ International standardized interface RS485, can be used with external PC communication equipment.

○ Digital delay trigger. Precisely control the time of ultrasonic wave to ensure the stability of welding.

Model WL-DX2040
Frequency 20KHz
Output power 4000W
Voltage 220V, 50/60HZ
Maximum current 15A/25A
Air supply standard 6.5bar (94 psi) of clean, dry compressed air
Control form single chip microcomputer
Electric box size 500*400*120mm
Welding torch size 455*110*212mm

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