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Ultrasonic Plastic Welder Ultrasonic Plastic Welder

The working principle of the ultrasonic plastic welding machine is to use the peak position of the longitudinal wave to transmit the amplitude to the gap of the plastic part. Under the action of pressure, the molecules of two plastic parts or other parts in contact with the plastic parts collide with each other and melt, so that the contact points are fused, so as to achieve the purpose of processing.

  • WL-SL01
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○ Automatic frequency tracking

○ Use AirTAC pneumatic components

○ Fast welding, 0.01-0.99 seconds/time

○ The welding effect is exquisite and the welding quality is high.

○ Applications:

Suitable for spot welding with a diameter of 1-15MM

Suitable for SD card, U disk, 2.4G card, mobile phone antenna, communication products, earphones and other microelectronic products.

Model WL-SL01
Output power 2000W
Voltage single-phase AC220V (50/60HZ)
Pressure 0.1-0.7MPA
Stroke 75mm
Output time 0.001-9.999S
Power topology phase shifted full bridge
Weight 80KG
Dimensions 700*400*1300mm

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