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Harness Sponge Tape Folding Machine Harness Sponge Tape Folding Machine

This semi-automatic sponge tape folding machine is widely used in electronics industry, wire and cable industry, etc.

  • WL-HM01
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○ Reasonable mechanical structure design ensures smooth and stable transportation of sponge tape

○ Easy to operate, good folding effect, high efficiency, suitable for cables of various specifications

○ Applicable wires: earphone cable, USB cable, power cord, water hose, etc.

Model WL-HM01
Power supply AC 220v
Air pressure 0.4-0.6Mpa
Wire OD 1-6mm (customizable)
Maximum width of the sponge 50mm (customizable)
Maximum length of the sponge 120mm (customizable)
Output 10-30pcs/min
Tolerance ±2mm
Dimensions 760*4500*1050mm

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