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Cable Shrinkable Tubing Curing Oven Cable Shrinkable Tubing Curing Oven

This electric air heater adopts a 360-degree annular heating design, which is suitable for heating large-diameter heat-shrinkable sleeves. It can work continuously for 24 hours, and the heating time can be set freely.

  • WL-MT360-2
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○ Heating method

It adopts 360-degree surrounding annular infrared radiation heating, and the heating is basically uniform.

○ Fan delay function

In order to protect the heating core and prolong the service life of the heating core, the machine is equipped with a shutdown and blowing delay function. After the machine stops working, the blower can be turned off only after the blower has cooled down for one minute.

○ Heat insulation design

The dual design of the heating zone shell, which saves energy and protects the working environment.

○ Heater safety

It is equipped with overheating and overload protection, power-off protection device, emergency stop switch, etc., which does not produce exhaust gas, conforms to environmental protection, and can operate 24 hours a day.

Model WL-MT360 -2 
Heating inlet diameter <120mm
Heating length <130mm
Heating diameter <100mm
Heating tube name Infrared radiant tube
Heating tube power 300W*8=2400W
Power 220V 50HZ
Machine power <2.8KW
Safety level ground wire

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