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TPO PVC Roof Membrane Welding Machine TPO PVC Roof Membrane Welding Machine

The CRW-WP4 roofing hot air welder is suitable for welding of PVC, TPO, EPDM, CPE,ECB and other polymer waterproofing membrane roof constructions. The welding process can be realized quickly in the gutter of the roof, near and on the edge of parapet or in other narrow spaces.

  • CRW-WP4
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  • Technical Data
  • The front wheel is movable from left to right, especially suitable for welding in various narrow spaces.

  • Self-balance design of the pressure wheel ensures the welding quality of uneven surface.

  • The maintenance-free brushless motor gives it high durability without replacing the carbon brush, with a service life of up to 6000 hours.

TPO PVC Roof Membrane Welding Machine CRW-WP4

Temperature50-620 Adjustable Continuously
Welding speed1-10 m/min
Seam width40mm
Machine size557x316x292mm
Net weight28kg


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