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Hot Air Welder for PVC PE Plastic Materials Hot Air Welder for PVC PE Plastic Materials

The automatic PVC PE plastic welding machine is a high-end hot air welding machine. It is designed to weld advertising inkjet fabric, inkjet cloth, light box cloth, thick PVC cloth, mesh cloth, tarpaulin and other PVC, PE, EVA, PP plastic material that can be hot melted.

  • CRW-3400C
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  • Description
  • Technical Data
  • Digital constant temperature system, temperature fluctuation ±1°C.

  • Automatic sleep protection system.

  • 3600W power and high-efficiency.

  • Built-in balance device, even if the ground is not flat, it can be perfectly welding.

  • With long direction handrail, landing gear, universal wheel, laser positioning light and led light.

Rated voltage220V
Rated frequency50 Hz/60hz
Rated power3600W
Welding temperature20-670
Welding speed1-15 m/min
Welding width20-45mm
Temperature fluctuation±1ºC
Net weight25kg
Size630*480*390mm L×W×H  

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