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PE Geomembrane Lining Sheet Welder PE Geomembrane Lining Sheet Welder

CRW-GM1 Geomembrane Hot Wedge Welder adopts advanced hot wedge strcuture.With its high power, high speed and pressure, it welds 1.0-2.0mm thickness hot melting materials such as HDPE, LDPE, PVC, EVA, ECB, PP and others. This machine is specially desgined for water conservancy, aquaculture, landfills, chemical mining, sewage treatment,roof constructions and other waterproofing projects.

  • CRW-GM1
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  • The T-shaped cantilever head design and pressure adjustment machanism ensure that the left and right weld bead pressure is balances, the weld seam is uniform, and the welding pressure is continuously adjustable.

  • High-power alloy hot knife and unique heating desigh have high heating efficiency, good welding performance and long service life.

  • Advanced feedback type intelligent digital control system, temperature and speed are displayed directly on the LCD screen, with high control accuracy and strong protection function.

  • Depending on the thickness of the film, two different configurations are available: silicone pressure roller and steel knurling press wheel.

PE Geomembrane Lining Sheet Welder CRW-GM1

Overlap width12CM
Seam width15*2, interior cavity 20mm
Welding speed0.5m-10m/min (adjustable)
Voltage220V/110V (customizable)
Thickness1.0-2.0mm(single layer)
Welding temperature0-450℃adjustable
Seam Strength≥85% welded layer

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