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Cable Cutting Stripping and Twisting Machine Cable Cutting Stripping and Twisting Machine

This wire cutting stripping and twisting machine is mainly suitable for processing wires used in electronics industry, automobile and motorcycle industry, electrical appliances, motors, lamps and toys.

  • WL-BNX660
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○ Applicable wires: PVC wire, Teflon wire, silica gel wire, glass wire, etc.

○ Simple operation, convenient maintenance, fast speed and high precision

Model WL-BNX660
Power supply AC220/50HZ/200W
Display mode Chinese and English LCD display (switchable)
Cutting length 1-99999mm
Stripping length side A: 0-30mm, side B: 0-50mm
Cutting tolerance within (0.005xL)mm
Number of stripping sections 15 sections
Wire size 0.1-2.5mm2
Conduit diameter φ2-3-4
Blade material imported high speed steel (tungsten steel)
Stripping speed 5000pcs/h
Drive mode four-wheel drive

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