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Clothing Labels Printer Clothing Labels Printer

This is a double-sided industrial labels printer. It is able to print clothing labels, certificate labels, clothing hang tags, TPU labels, self-adhesive labels, etc.

  • WL-6210
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○ Industrial model, meet the requirements of bulk printing, substantial and durable.

○ High definition print head-600DPI. The minimum font is 3-4PT.

○ You can choose to print centered or side by side.

○ Suitable for batch use in factory, 600 meters ribbon capacity.

○ Optional special washing cutter.

Model WL-6210
Product level double-sided industrial printer
Printing mode digital transfer
Resolution 600dpi
Printing speed 50-102mm/second
Printing length 2540mm
Printing thickness 60-350g/0.06-0.35mm
Printing width standard (20mm-104mm), optional (10-104m)
Code type all universal barcodes
CPU type 32 bit RISC CPU
Printing positioning method reflective / penetrating / continuous
Operation panel LCD liquid crystal display (128*64 pixels), 3 groups of LED lights, 6 groups of buttons
Graphic format PCX, BMP, GDI
Memory 128MB Flash, 128MB SDRAM, SD card slot expandable FLASH
Dimensions 505mmx270mmx308mm
Weight 15KG
Power supply AC input: AC 100-240V, 2A, 50-60Hz, DC output: DC 24V, 5A, 120W
Working environment 40-100℉(4-38℃) 10-90% non condensing
Printing material clothing labels, certificate labels, clothing hang tags, TPU labels, self-adhesive labels, etc.

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