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Portable Steel Pipe Beveling Machine (Externally Mounted) Portable Steel Pipe Beveling Machine (Externally Mounted)

The portable externally mounted steel pipe beveling machine is specially designed for processing small diameter pipes.

  • XZC-63
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  • Adopts external mounter clamping device, which is accurate in positioning and convenient for installation and removal.

  • Equipped with imported German Metabo motor and has superior quality.

  • Automatic advance and retreat knife design, greatly reducing labor intensity and improving machine life

  • Fast centering, large cutting force, and adjustable processing range. Grooves of various shapes can be completed in one operation.

  • Fast speed, cold cutting processing method does not change the material of the pipe, the processing surface is smooth, and can be directly used for welding.

Model XZC-63
Cutting range 28-63mm
Cutting Thickness 12mm
Weight 17kg
Dimensions 600*500*200mm
Voltage 220v
Rated power 1100w

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