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Fully Automatic Stainless Steel Wire Cutting Machine Fully Automatic Stainless Steel Wire Cutting Machine

This machine is specially developed and designed for wire rope cutting. The cutting speed is 20-80 times/min.

  • HLJ-400/02
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○ This machine is good at wire rope cutting. It adopts crawler-type feeding control with high precision and fast speed.
○ The cutting device adopts pneumatic pressurization and big flat cutting knife.
○ Feeding by stepping motor, with stable feeding and precise cutting length. The circuit adopts high-precision single-chip integrated control, which is simple to operate and stable.

○ Touch screen display, easy to operate.

Model HLJ-400/02
Power AC220V, 560W
Cutting speed 20-80 times/min (depending on the cutting length)
Cutting length 0.1-99,999.9mm
Cutting diameter φ20mm
Dimension 1,080*500*1,100mm (length * width * height)
Net weight 120kg

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