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Multi-core Wire Insulation Stripping Machine Multi-core Wire Insulation Stripping Machine

This machine is suitable for cutting and stripping outer jacket and core wire insulation of multi-conductor round cables.

  • WL-HT3
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  • Suitable for processing of multi-core round cables

  • Wire cutting, cable outer sheath stripping and inner core insulation stripping can be finished at one time

  • Cable cutting and stripping are finished by two sets of moveable cutters

  • Up to 100 program numbers can be stored to recall various processing data at any time

Model WL-HT3
Outer stripping20-150mm
Inner core wire strippingHead 3-10mm, tail 3-30mm
Stripping range3-13mm (≤ 4 cores)
Cutting lengthMax. 400m
Maximum diameter of catheterφ15mm
Blade 4pcs imported high speed steel
Productivity 650pcs/hour(L=200mm)
DisplayChinese and English switch(7” touch screen)
Conduict diameter11mm
Cutting tolerance±0.2mm


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