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Hot Bar Tin Soldering Machine Hot Bar Tin Soldering Machine

The hot bar soldering machine is mainly suitable for the hot bar soldering machine process between high-density Lvds, FPC, FFC, ACF, TAB, ultra-fine coaxial lines, wires and PCBs, and connectors.

  • WL-HBH
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○ Adopt PLC control system, pulse heating method, and cooperate with various alloy indenter(Titanium or molybdenum alloy indenter), accurate temperature control.

○ Touch screen display input, real-time temperature curve display, and all parameter setting browsing is simple and intuitive.

○ Power adaptive adjustment, the whole machine has leakage protection function, safe and reliable.

○ Using motor for pressurization, the welding position can be adjusted accurately, and the solder joints will be full and bright.

○ The platform can be used to pick and place materials, with a longitudinal stroke of 50MM, which can be customized according to needs.

Model WL-HBH
Rated voltage 220V, 50Hz
Temperature setting range 50-600℃
Heating stage 1-4 stages
Hot head cooling method air cooling
Indenter accuracy ±0.03mm
Temperature accuracy ±5℃
Z-axis motion screw drive
Z-axis travel 50mm
Drawing type automatic tin feeding cylinder driven
Dimensions 450x560x850mm (width x length x height )
Weight 80KG
Heating power 2000W

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