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Hot and Cold Fabric Tape Cutting Machine with Stacking Hot and Cold Fabric Tape Cutting Machine with Stacking

Our hot and cold webbing cutting machine is equipped with an advanced stacking function. This technology revolutionizes the webbing cutting process, ensuring precision, efficiency, and versatility.

  • WL-120D
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○ Our cutting machine is designed to handle both hot and cold cutting methods, providing you with the flexibility to adapt to various materials and applications. Whether you require clean and sealed edges or precise cuts without fraying, our machine delivers exceptional results every time.
○ With its innovative stacking function, this cutting machine streamlines your production process by automatically stacking the cut webbing, eliminating the need for manual handling. This not only saves valuable time but also enhances productivity and reduces the risk of errors.

Model WL-120D
Cutting method cold / hot
Voltage 220V
Max. temperature 500℃ (adjustable)
Cutting length 1-9999mm
Cutting width 1-98mm
Working speed 80-110times
Power 0.58KW
Weight 28KG
Dimensions 500*400*520 (L*W*H)mm

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