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Cable Two Sides Pre-insulated Terminal Crimping Machine Cable Two Sides Pre-insulated Terminal Crimping Machine

Our cable two sides pre-insulated terminal crimping machine is designed to revolutionize your crimping process. With its cutting-edge technology and precision engineering, this machine guarantees superior performance and efficiency.

  • WL-SDL03
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○ Our machine is meticulously crafted to meet the highest industry standards, ensuring flawless crimping of pre-insulated terminals on both sides of the cable. Its advanced features enable seamless operation, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

○ Equipped with an intuitive interface, this machine offers user-friendly controls, allowing operators to effortlessly navigate through various settings and parameters. Its ergonomic design ensures comfort and ease of use, reducing operator fatigue and enhancing overall efficiency.

○ The Cable Two-Sided Pre-Insulated Terminal Crimping Machine boasts a robust construction, built to withstand rigorous usage in demanding industrial environments. Its durable components and reliable mechanisms ensure long-lasting performance, providing you with a reliable solution for your crimping needs.

○ Furthermore, our machine incorporates cutting-edge safety features, prioritizing the well-being of operators and preventing accidents. With its comprehensive safety measures, you can have peace of mind knowing that your workforce is protected while operating this equipment.

○ In addition to its exceptional functionality, our machine is designed with versatility in mind. It accommodates a wide range of cable sizes and terminal types, making it suitable for various applications across diverse industries. This adaptability ensures that your investment in our machine will cater to your evolving needs, providing you with a flexible solution for your crimping requirements.

Model WL-SDL03
Function wire cutting, single or double ends stripping, single or double ends crimping, single or double ends twisting. Stripping length/twisting parameters/crimping position can be set and adjusted.
Wire specifications #24~#10AWG
Production capacity 900 pieces/hour(depending on material specifications and length)

length<100mm, the error is 0.2+(length x0.002)
length>100mm, the error is 0.5+ (length x 0.002)

Length leave rubber in the middle ≥ 40mm (can be shortened by modification)
Stripping length front end 0.1~15mm; rear end 0.1~15mm
Detecting items low air pressure detection, wire presence detection, incoming wire abnormality detection, crimping abnormality detection
Power supply AC200V~250V 50/60Hz 10A
Air source 0.5-0.7MPa (5-7kgf/cm2) clean and dry air
Dimensions W 1220 *D1000*H1560 mm (excluding accessories such as terminal rods, terminal plates, extension boards, etc.)
Weight about 550Kg

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