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Four-indent Pneumatic Cable Crimping Machine Four-indent Pneumatic Cable Crimping Machine

The four-indent pneumatic cable crimping tool adopts curve propulsion mechanism. The output force is given to the crimp handle by the cylinder, and then the four curves of the head of the crimp handle transmit the force to the four indenters. The four indenters do the centripetal linear motion to crimp the contact to complete the crimping process. The synchronized action of four indenters assures the consistency of impression and the crimping quality of wires and contacts.

  • WL-TS01/WL-TS03
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○ Suitable for wiring harness manufacturing industry

○ Synchronous four-indent crimping machine, fast crimping & one- time shaping

○ Specially designed for crimping large size wires. Wire Crimp Range: 3-35mm2/10-50mm2

○ Continuously adjustable crimping depth, the minimum adjusting range is 0.1 mm

○ The selectors of this crimping tool can be continuously adjusted. The adjust range of each selector is 0.1mm, that is, each time the adjustment knob is rotated 1/4 turn, the crimping diameter changes by 0.1mm.

○ This crimping tool is operated by foot value and the working air pressure is controlled and adjusted by the regulating value.

Model WL-TS01 WL-TS03
Through-hole diameter 17.5mm 21.5mm
Press block diameter 2-7mm 3-8mm
Indentation length 4.4mm 4.8mm
Wire size 3-35mm2 10-50mm2





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