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Copper Magnet Wire Bobbin Tape Winding Machine Copper Magnet Wire Bobbin Tape Winding Machine

This automatic taping machine is used to wind insulating tape onto circular shaped products like magnet wire coil, copper wire bobbin and more.

  • WL-TP02
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  • Technical Data
  • Inner diameter of tape roll: 34mm-77mm.

  • Tape axis distance: 14mm-85mm.

  • The tape position can be adjusted, and the tensioner can be fine-tuned.

  • Different products need to be replaced with different jigs, which is simple and quick to replace. 

  • The tape tension of the automatic tape wrapping machine can be adjusted. When wrapping small products, the tension can be adjusted to avoid pulling down the product. When wrapping large products, the tension can be increased to make the product tighter.

Inner diameter of tape roll34mm-77mm
Tape axis distance14mm-85mm

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