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This machine is suitable for wire forming with wire diameter of 2.0-6.0mm. It is suitable for the production of car seat suspension springs, sun visor frames, car door lock levers, handicraft metal wires, bathroom tableware brackets, etc.

  • WL-ZW460
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○ Wire diameter: φ2.0-6.0mm
○ Adopt special computer control system for wire forming machine and high-precision servo motor
○ Easy to operate, accurate positioning, can store hundreds of processing programs
○ The outer diameter angle of the wire can be adjusted at any time
○ Automatic shutdown when no wires or wires are knotted

Model WL-ZW460
Wire diameter φ2.0-6.0mm
Number of axes 4 axes
Wire feed command value ±0.01-±9999.99
Cam command value ±0.10°-±359.9°
Feeding length unlimited
Feeding speed 100meters/min
Wire feed shaft servo power 2.7KW
Torsion axis servo power 1.0KW
Lifting table servo power 0.75KW
Cut-off axis servo power 0.75KW
Input voltage 380V±10%V 50HZ
Dimensions Length 2400mm * Width 850mm * Height 1650mm
Weight 2800KG
Wire feeder size Length 1400mm * Width 2100mm * Height 700mm
Wire feeder weight 215KG
Wire feeder loading weight 500KG

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