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Webbing Laser Hole Punching and Cutting Equipment Webbing Laser Hole Punching and Cutting Equipment

This webbing laser hole punching and cutting machine is equipped with two laser heads, the distance can be moved at will, and it is widely used in clothing, leather, applique embroidery and other industries.

  • WL-JGQD01
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○ The position of the laser head can be adjusted at will, and it can also work with a single head, which is easy to operate.

○ The latest operating software can control the power of the two laser heads respectively, so that the cutting effects of the two laser heads are exactly the same.

○ Equipped with high-power laser and dual optical path reflection system to minimize light loss and ensure consistent cutting depth.

○ Adopt unique intelligent prediction algorithm and improved control algorithm to ensure balanced and efficient processing.

Model WL-JGQD01
Power 300W for machine, ≥10W for laser
Laser wavelength 10.6μm
Power 220V, 50/60Hz
Power stability +/-5%
Beam quality  M2 1.4+/-2
Cooling method wind cooling
Scanner high-speed optical scanning galvanometer
Print area 70x70,110x110,150x150mm
Max.speed 8000mm/s
Repeat precision 0.0002mm
Dimensions 190x128x133cm
Weight about 646kg



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