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Wire Crimp Pull Tester Wire Crimp Pull Tester

This is an automatic wire crimp pull tester, which is designed to measure tensile strength of components up to 3000N.

  • WL-TT06
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○ Function: peak force, non-destructive test, UL test values for pull out.

○ Motor driven, color touch screen operation, automatic measurement and display of the tension value, simple operation and accurate measurement.

○ It can test the peak tensile force, and can also set the upper limit of tensile force and test time for non-destructive tensile test.

○ With the self-developed test software, the peak graph displays the test process, communicates with the computer and printer, and prints in real time.

○ The data center can store 16 programs to meet the testing requirements of commonly used wires.

○ The chuck can accommodate various sizes of wires and terminals, and special wire specifications can be customized.

Model WL-TT06
Function tensile force testing
Voltage AC220V, 50HZ
Rated power 0.2KW
Test range ≤300KG
Test accuracy ±0.04KG
Weight 20kg
Dimensions Length 480*width 260*height 290(mm)




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