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Automatic Varnished Wire Stripping Machine Automatic Varnished Wire Stripping Machine

This fully automatic varnished wire cutting and paint removing machine is suitable for processing wires of 0.7-3.0mm diameter.

  • WL-B09
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  • Product Description
  • Technical Data
  • Suitable for cutting and stripping enameled wires of 0.7-3.0mm diameter

  • Also works as a cutting machine only, and the maximum wire cutting diameter is 2.5mm.

  • Adopts three round knives to scrape paint at 360 degree position and increase the repeat life of the blade. Tungsten steel is durable and can be be grinded and used again.

  • Scraping speed:
    For 1.0mm enameled wire: length=43 cm, each ends stripping=3.5 cm, the fastest speed: 25pcs/min. 1500pcs/h, and the slowest speed: 14pcs/min. 840pcs/h;
    For 1.2mm enameled wire: length=39cm, each ends stripping=3.5 cm, the fastest speed: 26pcs/min. 1560pcs/h, and the slowest speed: 15pcs/min. 900pcs/h.

Cutting Length0.01MM-10M
Cutting tolerance(0.1-0.2)mm*L (L=Cutting length)
Wire diameter0.7-3.0mm
Speed2400pcs/h (Cutting length=100mm, head/tail stripping=50mm)
Tool materialimported tungsten steel knife
Cutting qualityexcellent
Wheel pressure adjustmentYes
Speed adjustment1-6
Power supplyAC220V/50HZ
Rated Power100W
Max. Power200W

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