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Thin Cable 2-end Connector Crimping Machine Thin Cable 2-end Connector Crimping Machine

This is a high speed full-servo double-head terminal crimping machine for thin wires. Wire processing range: AWG30#-AWG14#.

  • WL-SF201
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  • Machine function: wire cutting, stripping at both ends, single-end half-stripping, single-wire single-end crimping, and single-wire double-end crimping.

Wire cutting length26mm-9999mm
Cutting tolerance≥1m, below ±0.02%
Stripping length0.5mm-35mm (half stripping is required for more than 12mm)
Cutting speed5500 pcs/h (within 100mm)
Processing efficiency4000-4800/h (within 30~200mm)
Crimping force2.0T, other pressures can be customized
Applicable wireAWG30#-AWG14#
Applicable applicatorOTP horizontal applicator, straight applicator (European applicator can be customized)
Motor5 sets of Mitsubishi servo motors + 2 sets of stepper motors
Screw4 sets of TBI screw
Slide rail7 sets of upper silver rail
BearingSweden SKF
Terminal crimping capacity2T/3T European precision frequency conversion terminal machine
VoltageAC220V 50Hz
Air pressure0.5~0.6MPa (stable, clean, dry)
Rated power1.8KW
Dimensionslength 1380 * width 750 * 1580 height (mm)

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