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Cable Stripping and Pre-insulated Chain Connectors Crimping Machine Cable Stripping and Pre-insulated Chain Connectors Crimping Machine

This is a semi-automatic wire stripping and chain terminal crimping machine. It can automatically strip the cable sheath and crimp the pre-insulated chain cable terminals to the cable at the same time.

  • WL-BRX01
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○ Applicable wire: Pre-cut electronical cables and flat cables, pre-cut and stripped data cables, power cables and other sheathed cables.

○ Applicable terminal: cold press chain cable terminals

○ Product features: automatically strip cables and crimp terminals.

○ Using high-speed programmable controller and color touch screen control system, the structure is exquisite, the operation is simple, and it is easy to learn and understand.

○ Adopting Japanese SHINANO stepping motor, high precision and fast speed.

○ Using Japanese Omron, Panasonic, Keyence and other electrical accessories to ensure the equipment is durable.

○ Suitable for crimping pre-insulated chain cable terminals.

○ Adopt the patented terminal machine that is positioned first and then crimped.

○ Use inner and outer guide sleeves to ensure that the copper wire does not buckle after the wire passes through the terminal.

Model WL-BRX01
Production capacity 800-1,200 pieces/hour or more (depending on the proficiency of the operator)
Applicable wire ∮ 1.5-3.0mm or ∮ 3.0-6.0mm
Stripping length 1-10mm or 3-20mm
Crimping pressure ∮ 1.5-3.0mm standard configuration is 2.0T, ∮ 3.0-6.0mm standard configuration is 3.0T
Input power single-phase AC 220V 1000W
Air source requirements 5-6Kgf or more (dry, clean air is required)
Applicable mold pneumatic feeding mold for cold crimp terminal

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