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Computerized Thick Cable Cutting and Stripping Machine – up to 70 sqmm Computerized Thick Cable Cutting and Stripping Machine – up to 70 sqmm

This is a computerized large cable cutting and stripping machine. It is suitable for processing of cables up to 70 sq mm.

  • WL-B70
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○ This machine adopts 12-wheel drive, strong power and double-sided pressing wheels, to ensure the same center point of the wire.

○  The belt feeding system can ensure that the wire surface is not damaged, and it is widely used in the processing of power cables, sheathed wires, and soft and hard wires.

○  The pressing force of the inlet wheel and the outlet wheel can be directly set in the program, without the need to manually adjust the pressure of the wheel. The outlet wheel also has the function of automatic lifting. The outlet wheel can automatically lift up to avoid when the wire is stripped. Therefore, the stripping length range of the wire head is greatly increased. The lifting height of the outlet wheel can also be directly set in the program.

○  Touch screen control, easy to understand, simple training is needed to quickly operate this machine.

○  The machine features three-layer stripping ability. Also, when the stripping length is a little long, it can be stripped up to three times.

○  Provides 100 groups of program memory functions, which can store the processing parameters of different wires in different program numbers.

○  It can be equipped with branching jigs, cutting jigs, and inkjet printers.

Model WL-B70 
Display mode PLC 7-inch color touch screen
Memory function up to 100 groups of programs can be stored
Applicable wire diameter multi-strand copper wire, coaxial cable, sheathed cable, etc.
Drive mode 12-wheel drive
Applicable core area 6.0-70mm2
Blade material imported high-speed steel
Maximum catheter diameter ø20mm
Working voltage 220V/50Hz
Cutting length 0-100 meters
Rated power 800W
Stripping length

wire head: 0-400mm;wire tail: 0-150mm

(When the wire head is longer than 400mm, it can be equipped with a cutting jig, and the center can be cut infinitely.)

Minimum length of left insulation 50mm
Cutting tolerance ±(0.002mm*L) (L=cutting length)
Stripping speed 1500-2500 pcs/hour
Weight 80kg
Dimensions 700*640*480mm

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