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Thermal Cable Cutter and Stripper Thermal Cable Cutter and Stripper

This wire hot cutting stripping machine is mainly used for processing of braided wire, nylon wire, shielded wire and other wires that cannot be processed well by cold stripping. The stripped wires are clean and not scattered.

  • WL-RBJ02
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  • Can be customized to strip cable outer jacket and inner core wires.

  • Being able to cut and strip two-core, three-core, four-core, five-core, and six-core data cables.

Stripping outer diameter1-8.8mm
Front end stripping length7 to 150mm
Rear end stripping length

7-30mm(φ< 5.5mm)

12-70mm(φ> 5.5mm)

Core wire stripping length1-20mm
Speed300mm/hour, 1600-1800 pcs/hour

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