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Taping Machine for Wire Coils Taping Machine for Wire Coils

This is a semi-automatic tape wrapping-around machine for taping wire coils. The taping speed is within 1.5s.

  • WL-1015
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○ Taping speed: within 1.5s

○ Applicable tape width: 12mm-18mm

○ Max tape OD: 120mm

○ Tape cutting range: 45mm-75mm

○ Replace the adhesive tape: the old and new adhesive tapes are bonded end to end.

○ The taping tightness is subject to the existing mold. If there is a special product, it is necessary to customize the reel according to the product size.

○ The vulnerable parts of this machine are paper cutting scissors, paper roll and contact switch.

○ Other electrical components are guaranteed for one year, except for damage caused by man-made and irresistible factors.

Model WL-1015
Taping speed 1.5S
Tape width 10-15 mm(customizable)
Tape inner diameter 76mm
Tape outer diameter Max 120mm
Power supply 220v 50hz, 0.55kw
Cutting length 45-75 mm
Air pressure 4kg/cm2
Weight 30kg
Dimensions 670x390x480 mm

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