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Hot and Cold Cutting Machine for Sheet Strip Materials Hot and Cold Cutting Machine for Sheet Strip Materials

This automatic hot and cold cutting machine is designed for cutting sheet strip materials such as steel strip, copper strip, nickel strip, enameled wire, aluminum foil, yellow wax tube, fiber tube, insulating paper, battery sleeve, etc.

  • WL-160SLR
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○ Equipped with durable skd-11 high speed steel knife, with sharp edges and smooth cutting.

○ High-definition LED large screen display, supports batch pause, length compensation, and one-key reset.

○ High-precision cutting, the highest accuracy can reach 0.1mm.

○ Adopts advanced ARM control system.

Model WL-160SLR
Cutting type hot and cold cutting
Highest temperature 350 ℃
Power 500W
Power supply AC 220V 50/60Hz
Speed 1-99 levels
Efficiency 120-150 cuts/min (L=50mm)
System ARM Chinese and English system
Blade material imported skd-11 high-speed steel
Cutting length 0.1mm-999.99m
Cutting width 1-160mm
Accuracy up to 0.1mm
Weight 33kg

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