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Special-shaped Zip Ties Fastener System Special-shaped Zip Ties Fastener System

This special-shaped zip ties fastener system is suitable for bundling automobile wiring harnesses, electronic connecting wires, braided network tubes, sleeves, etc., which improves bundling efficiency.

  • WL-700L
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○ Automatic PLC touch screen control, simple and convenient operation, high stability.

○ Capacity: about 600 pieces/hour (depending on the product).

○ Time-saving and labor-saving, high working efficiency.

○ Digital adjustment of the tightness of the cable tie.

○ Digital adjustment of the tail length of cable tie.

Model WL-700L
Power supply AC 220V
Frequency 50/60HZ
Rated power 100W
Dimensions length 440*width 330*height 175(mm)
Weight 25KG



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