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Wire Stripping and Rubber Seals Crimping Machine Wire Stripping and Rubber Seals Crimping Machine

This is a semi-automatic wire stripping and rubber seals crimping machine. It is able to strip the wire, insert rubber seals and crimp terminals automatically.

  • WL-4000FS
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○ Function: wire stripping + rubber seals inserting + terminal crimping

○ Applicable wire: AV, AVS, AVSS, CAVUS, KV, KIV, UL, IV, Teflon, fiber cable, etc.

Model WL-4000FS
Applicable wire diameter φ1.0mm - 4.0mm
Processing capacity 1200-1500PCS/H
The shortest stripping length of sheathed cable 22mm
Stripping length 1.0mm-10.0mm
Cutting tolerance 0.05mm-0.1mm
Cutting tolerance 0.05mm-0.1mm
Terminal type open continuous terminal - horizontal
Crimping force 2T(4T can be customized)
Stroke 40mm
Power supply single phase 200V~240V, 50/60Hz, 1500W
Air source 0.4-0.6mpa(Please use dry and clean air)
Dimensions 950*850*1650 mm
Weight 250KG

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