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Five-station Shielded Wire Processing All-in-one Machine Five-station Shielded Wire Processing All-in-one Machine

The five-station shielded wire processing all-in-one machine is mainly used in new energy wiring harnesses, charging pile wiring harnesses and other fields.

  • WL-CA252S-5
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○ Stripping the outer skin, removing the aluminum foil, cutting the woven mesh, turning the woven mesh, and cutting the inner insulation. Five processes are completed at one time.

○ The inner and outer insulation are cut by rotary cutting, and half-stripping/full-stripping are optional.

○ Aluminum foil cutting has no functional damage to the braid.

○ The shielding layer is cut neatly, flat and without residue.

○ There is no damage to the inner insulating layer when the shielding layer is cut.

○ The flip of the woven net adopts the overall back flip, which is completed at one time.

○ All processes are modular and can be combined quickly.

Model WL-CA252S-5
Cutting range 3-70mm²
Stripping length 5-60mm
Braid cutting length 5-55mm
Turn-over braid length 5-20mm
Shielding mesh cutting range 5-100mm (other lengths can be customized)
Power supply AC380V 3P+N+PE 50/60Hz
Power 9000w
Air source 0.5-0.8mpa
Size 3300*1450*1900

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