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Semi-auto Round Bottle Label Applicator Semi-auto Round Bottle Label Applicator

The semi-automatic round bottle labeling machine is suitable for apply labels onto round bottles, round cans, cylinders, etc.

  • WL-LT50
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  • Suitable for self-adhesive labeling of round bottles, round cans, cylinders, etc.

  • Suitable for round bottle labeling of PET bottles, plastic bottles, glass bottles, metal bottles, etc.

  • Widely used in cosmetics, beverages, food, medicine and other industries, greatly improving productivity and labeling quality.

  • Wide range of applications, can meet the cylindrical labeling of 25-100mm diameter range.

  • Special bottle labeling machines need to be modified and customized.

  • The labeling accuracy is high, and the deviation between the head and the end of the label is ≤±0.5mm.

  • Using a clever squeeze device to load, just put the workpiece and automate the labeling.

  • Card position adjustment, easy switching between different workpiece labels.

  • With synchronous belt traction, mechanical stability is greatly improved.

  • Desktop design, compact structure, small size and powerful.

  • Anodized aluminum alloy bracket and advanced computer white electric box, beautiful and generous.

  • With advanced electric eyes, the detection sensitivity of objects and labels is high.

Labeling accuracy±0.5mm (excluding label workpiece error)
Labeling speed

25-50 pieces / minute

(depending on the size of the workpiece)

Label outer diameter250mm Roll inner diameter: 76mm
Roll inner diameter76mm
Workpiece sizediameter 25-150mm (special can be customized)
Label width8-150mm
Label length15-315mm
Voltage220V 50HZ 120W
Machine size650 × 450 × 1000mm
Machine weight40kg

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