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Automatic Round Bottle Labeling Machine with Date Printing Automatic Round Bottle Labeling Machine with Date Printing

This is a semi-automatic round bottle labeling machine with code printing function.

  • WL-LT50D
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  • Suitable for round bottle labeling and code printing.

  • Aluminum alloy body, stable and reliable in one piece, long life.

  • The thickened swing arm is not deformed, and it is durable and easy to operate.

  • High quality rubber roller for fixing bottles, easy to operate.

  • Fiber positioning is more accurate.

Model WL-LT50D
Labeling speed 20-40pcs/min
Input power 200V/50/60Hz
Bottle dia. 20-130mm
Min. label size W30*L30mm
Max. label size W130*L300mm
Label roll inner dia. 76mm
Label roll outer dia. 260mm
Weight 35KG
Packing size 650*350*550mm
Coding device 1-3 row is adjustable

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