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Automatic Big Power Cable Cut and Strip Machine Automatic Big Power Cable Cut and Strip Machine

This thick cable cutting and stripping machine is specially designed to process hard-to-peel cables, such as new energy charging pile cables, charging gun cables and new energy high-voltage shielded cables. The applicable wire sizes range from 10 to 150 square mm.

  • WL-8150
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○ Applicable wire sizes: 10 to 150mm²

○ Long stripping length than normal machines

○ Belt feeding cables, no embossing and scratches

○ Uses specific axial positioning and advanced tool holders, improving accuracy and production rate   

○ Optional auxiliary equipment: automatic wire feeder, wire collector, etc.

○ Full servo motor equipment, upgraded configuration. 

Model WL-8150
Function Cable cutting and stripping 
Conductor Cross-Section 10-150mm²
Cutting Length 1-99999.99mm
Cutting Length Tolerances ≤(0.002*L) mm  L=cutting length
Stripping Length

Head 1-800mm

Tail 1-400mm
RV cable full strip max 120mm, 

Sheathed wire max 500mm

Max. Conduit Diameter Φ33mm
Production Rate 1800pcs/h (based on wire size)
Display Screen 7 inch touch screen
Drive Method 32 wheels drive 
Wire Feed Method Belt feeding wire, no indentation on cable.
Power Supply 110/220VAC, 50/60Hz
Power 6900W
Dimensions 147*76*134cm
Full Load Current 30A ((min.18A allowed)
Air Pressure 0.5-0.8 Mpa (Clean air source)
Special Function 1 Special cable customizable according to sample wire
Special Function 2 Strip pressure increase, front end fully stripped catheter, and include encoder
Auxiliary Function 

Material holding clamp, material holding robot, wire collecting holder 

(please add module isolation when using)


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