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Wire Double-end Crimping and Number Tube Insertion and Laser Marking Machine Wire Double-end Crimping and Number Tube Insertion and Laser Marking Machine

This fully automatic cable double-end crimping and tube insertion marking machine can process wire cutting, wire stripping, laser printing, tube insertion and terminal crimping at both ends in one pass.

  • WL-SYSC02
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○ Using silent electronic clutch terminal machine

○ 7-Inch digital and graphical control touch screen interface, more intuitive.

○ The wire feeding mechanism is improved, with ultra-low noise.

○ Reduce the use of solenoid valves

○ Using the most advanced European-style right-angle casting terminal machine at present, the horizontal and straight applicators can be quickly replaced, and the body structure is exquisite. The common OTP/2000 type horizontal and direct feeding applicators on the market can be applied.

Model WL-SYSC02
Maximum production capacity 1400 pieces/hour (length=300MM)
Wire size AWG1007 12#-24#
Cutting length 60mm-3000mm (800MM or more need to be equipped with conveyor belt)
Cutting accuracy 0.5MM + cutting length × 0.2% or less
Stripping length R<10MM L<14MM (other stripping lengths need to be customized)
Crimping capacity Standard 2T
Power 0.75KW
Power supply AC220V 50/60 HZ 20A single phase
Compressed air 0.5MPA (5kgf/cm)
Control mode MSP430E micro-controller, 165NA/MIPS working mode, 5US standby wake-up, high-speed operation
Detection device

1. Detection of bad crimping

2. Terminal missing detection

3. Wire missing and knot detection

4. Machine anomaly detection

5. Total amount detection

Optional accessories

1. Cassette applicator and blade
2. Vertical wire feeder
3. Horizontal wire pay-off
4. Long line conveyor belt
5. Pressure sensing system
6. Visual inspection system

Dimensions 1330L*930W *1600H(MM)
Weight 640KG

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