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New Energy Connector Nuts Screwing Machine New Energy Connector Nuts Screwing Machine

This new energy connector tightening machine is mainly used for tightening of new energy nuts. The action is precise and fast, and the operation is simple.

  • WL-833X/WL-833C/WL-83
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○ Imported components, stable performance and high degree of automation

○ Imported servo motor system, fast running speed and stable performance

○ Touch screen operation, parameters such as torque, torque frequency, nut rotation can be set

Model WL-833X WL-833C WL-83
Scope of application φ5-30mm / /
Torque range 10-300% 0.1-20NM Detection device: the degree to which the nut is screwed in place is controlled by distance or torque
Torque frequency 10-80000hz 10-80000HZ Air pressure: 5-6KG (need to use clean and dry air source)
Power 200-240V, 50Hz/60Hz, 400W 200-240V 50HZ/60HZ AC 220V/50/60HZ single phase
Capacity 15-20pcs/min / 20-40pcs/min
Dimensions 550 x 320 x 350 mm 550 x 320 x 350 mm 500*400*280MM
Weight 80 kg 80 kg about 50kg



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