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Terminal Harness Shrink Sleeves Heating Machine Terminal Harness Shrink Sleeves Heating Machine

WL-180Z electric hot air heating machine is mainly used for processing heat shrink sleeves on long wire harnesses and terminal wiring harnesses. This machine can work continuously for 24 hours, and can freely adjust the heating time and stop time according to actual needs.

  • WL-180Z
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○ Heating method: Approximately semi-enclosing ring infrared radiation heating is used to increase the uniformity of heating.

○ Device composition: Heating system + control system

○ Two heating control modes: 

1. Induction triggers heating when the product is close.

2. Automatic circulation heating start-stop mode operation. 

○ Heating zone insulation design: The double design of the heating zone housing isolates the internal and external temperatures and the low surface temperature of the chassis.

Model WL-180Z
Heating length <130mm
Heating diameter <25mm
Heating tube Infrared radiant tube
Heating tube power 500W*4=2000W
Power AC-220V ±10%, 50HZ, 2.3KW
Safety level ground wire 
Dimensions 830×390×480mm
Gross weight 30KG
Net weight 16.5KG

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