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Multi-Core Cables Stripping and Crimping Machine Multi-Core Cables Stripping and Crimping Machine

The multi-conductor sheathed cable terminal crimping machine can complete cable core wires stripping and terminal crimping accurately and continuously.

  • WL-68210B
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  • The machine is controlled by highspeed and high-accuracy motor.

  • The machine can complete core wires stripping & terminal crimping accurately and continuously. 

  • All adjustment can be done by touchable interface, simple and quick.

  • The equipment is made of high-quality steel material, which is hard and durable.

PowerAC220V 50HZ single phase
Functionwire cutting, stripping inner and outer jacket, and crimping two different terminals on one end
Capacity19pcs/min(within 200mm)
Wire size2*0.5 sqmm - 2*0.75 sqmm
Cutting length200mm-9999mm
Stripping length

outer sheath: 40mm-50mm

inner insulation: 1mm-10mm

(the stripping length can be customized as request)

Cutting accuracy0.1mm+cutting length*0.2%
Crimping capacity2.0T
Air pressure0.6-0.7Mpa
Detection devicelack of wire or knotted, terminal crimping detection
Dimension1700Wx1000Lx1300H (mm)
Otheras request

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