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Long and Short Cable Core Wires Stripping Machine Long and Short Cable Core Wires Stripping Machine

Multi-core long and short wire stripping machine can cut and strip core wires of different lengths according to the different needs of users. The cutting and stripping is completed by the servo system and high-precision linear module, which has the characteristics of high quality, high efficiency, safety and reliability, simple operation and simple maintenance.

  • WL-HT905
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The equipment is mainly composed of machine assembly, wire clamping mechanism, cutting and stripping system and electric control system. The specific functions of each part are as follows.

  • Machine Assembly

The machine assembly is made of high-strength steel, and the surface has been sprayed for many times. The structure is excellent, and it is not easy to be scratched, which is conducive to a clean surface. The chassis contains various circuits, control systems, etc., which are the load-bearing structure of the entire equipment, and there is a waste collection box inside, which is convenient for waste collection and cleaning.


  • Thread clamping mechanism

The main function of the wire clamping mechanism is to clamp the stripped wire to prevent the wire from moving and affecting the stripping. Composed of working and pneumatic components, the pneumatic components adopt high-quality AirTAC solenoid valves and cylinders, which have the advantages of stable operation, durability and reliability. The life of pneumatic components is closely related to the air source. If the water content of the air source is high, the service life of the components will be greatly shortened. Dry air is recommended as the air source.


  • Cutting and stripping system

The cutting and stripping system is one of the core components of the equipment, composed of precision cutting tools, servo systems and precision linear modules. Its function is to strip, half strip, leave rubber and cut the wire according to the requirements, and the length of the strip, half strip and leave the rubber.

Note: When the stripping ways are different and the core wire diameters are different, the cutter needs to be replaced.


  • Electric control system

The electric control system consists of an industrial programmable controller (PLC), touch screen and corresponding circuits. The control system control equipment runs according to the prescribed process, and has the functions of parameter input, function selection, alarm prompt, fault diagnosis, etc.

Model WL-HT905
Power supply AC220V±10%, 50Hz
Air pressure 0.3-0.6MPa
Maximum power 500W
Core wire size 0.5-3.0 mm2
Stripping length 20-290mm
Working speed 1,000-1,200 pcs / hour

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