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Hot Air Seam Sealing Machine for Outdoor Jacket Hot Air Seam Sealing Machine for Outdoor Jacket

This hot melt taping machine is suitable for hot sealing rainproof clothing, tents, and other outdoor apparel.

  • RF-V1
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  • Flexible operation, convenient maintenance, especially suitable for factory continuously working.

  • Suitable for rainproof clothing, tents, outdoor apparel and other special equipment.

  • The machine has a slanted design that widens the line of sight for more precise machining, making workers less prone to fatigue.

  • An independent heating system increases the stability of the hot air temperature and saves pumping consumables and is more energy efficient.

Power requirementssingle-phase 220 v + 10% for 50/60 hz
Power consumption1.5 KVA
Air compressor2.2 KW
The wheel width30 mm/optional
To do tape width12-23 mm/optional
The highest temperatureup to 799 
Speed1-15 m/min, the digital display operating speed (stepless adjustment)
Heating tube power2500 W

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