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MT-55 Grain Moisture Meter MT-55 Grain Moisture Meter

This moisture meter is used to detect standard food quality.Special growth conditions and new varieties can significantly affect the characteristics of food. Therefore, timely measurement and control of the moisture content of food can control food quality.

  • MT-55
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  • Description
  • Technical Data
  • It can detect the moisture content of all grains and seeds.

  • The meter shows the moisture content of the measured object according to the weight percentage.

  • The test is based on the AC resistance ( capacitance ) of the test substance.

  • Automatically average calculations.

  • Refer to the results in the drying oven for calibration adjustment of the test results.

MT-55 Grain Moisture Meter

Measuring range

Cereals and seeds 8-35%

Oil seeds 5-25 % 

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