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Hook & Loop Tape Roll Cutting Machine Hook & Loop Tape Roll Cutting Machine

This machine is suitable for cutting leather, velcro(Hook & Loop tape), non-woven cloth, lace edge material, cotton, etc.

  • WL-M200
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○ Computer control, stable performance, die-casting roll cutting, can cut a variety of shapes, high efficiency, standard cutting shape.

○ LCD display, 0-6 seconds intelligent delay counter, can cut thin, thick or elastic fabric smoothly. When power is off, the counter stores data.

○ Easy and quick tool change by loosening screws.

○ The humanized design of the pressure rod makes the material feeding more stable.

○ High hardness titanium alloy mold can be customized according to the needs of various cutting shapes. The middle part is the shape engraving area and the two ends are shoulders to protect the mold from wear.

Model WL-M200 WL-M300 WL-M400 WL-M600 WL-M800
Cutting width ≤150mm ≤240mm ≤340mm ≤540mm ≤740mm
Rolling mold dia. 50-180mm 50-180mm 60-200mm 70-250mm 80-300mm
Material thickness <5mm <5mm <6mm <7mm <10mm
Working speed 1-30 rpm 1-30 rpm 1-25 rpm 1-20 rpm 1-20 rpm
Power 1.5KW 1.8KW 2.2KW 2.5KW 4.0KW
Voltage 220/110VAC, 50/60Hz
Weight 80kg 100kg 150kg 250kg 500kg
Dimensions 92*72*125cm

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